Its structure and activities on fundamental beliefs which are underscored by a deep commitment to Religious values including spiritual growth, human development, and academic excellence. In implementing a philosophy based on such standards we recognize the sustaining love of God who calls us to use our talents in loving service to him and to one another. These beliefs pervade the curriculum and activities of the school community. Thereby aiding in the development of an individual philosophy which will shape the life of each student.

Faculty and Staff Member

Past and present faculty or staff members who, through their dedicated service, have made a significant contribution to the students, the School and the community. 


  • Nearly 100% of the teaching faculty holds their M.A-M.Sc plus B.ED/M.Ed (trained in education).

  • Saint Mary’s faculty is specialists in their subject areas.

  • Saint Mary’s faculty is 100% expert in teaching methods

  • Staff persons are evolved in the college selection process and willingly offer insight into strong programs and majors

  • Faculty members known our students outside of the classroom by participating in talent shows, chaperoning school dance, going on school trips and being class advisers.

  • Faculty members are routinely found on campus long after the last class is over, making preparations and spending time with students

  • St. Mary’s faculty members provides modern computer Internet further studies for the modern children to give them current knowledge

  • St. Mary’s faculty has musician to make the enjoyment healthier by teaching English Urdu poems to the students

  • Faculty members instill a sense of academic accomplishment, confidence and self esteem in students

  • St. Mary’s students use the following words to describe the faculty: Enthusiastic, fair, challenging, Inspiring, Concerned, Available

  • Faculty encourage students to become active learners in an atmosphere of guided independence


Examination System

St. Mary’s enrolls high school students from around the city Gujranwala and several other cities.

Semester Policy

Three semesters in a session. Each semester has three months time span.  1st/ Preliminary exam before summer vacation, 2nd/mid term in November and 3rd/final term in Feb.  Each semester has its own syllabus which is given to every student in printed form.  The exam of each semester will take place only from the said syllabus and after each term finished successfully. Every teacher is strict to finish the said syllabus in the given time span.

Specification of Grades Remarks

+ 90-100 %        A+       Exceptional

A   80-89 %          A         Excellent * *

B+ 70-79 %          B+       Excellent

B   60-69 %          B         Very Good

C+ 50-59 %          C+       Good  *

C   45-49 %          C         Good

D   40-44 %          D         Fair

E    33-39 %          E          Satisfactory

F    less then 33     F          Not Satisfactory

See the School event calendar you will find the months and weeks details.


To qualify for Academic Honor Roll for Grades 5 – 8 a student must achieve at least a grade of A or A+ in all subjects, including conduct and efforts.

The Honor roll seal will be placed on the report card and the Honor roll list will be published in the school newsletter.


Traditionally, 100 percent of Saint Mary's High School graduates continue their education at a college or university. Colleges and universities that have recently accepted our graduates.


The academic program at Saint Mary's is designed to optimize each student's potential and give her a firm foundation for further education.

Each student is assisted in her academic planning by her faculty advisor. Together they find an academic program which offers the student an opportunity to do best.

A college placement officer counsels each student, helping her select a college and a course of study which prepares her for admission and success in her chosen college.