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FEE/Dues other than college fee


NOC Fee (paid to previous university for migration):           as prescribed

GCUF degree and transcript fee (after completion):              2000/= or as prescribed time to time

Notes-Books and Photocopier charges :                                 =======

GCUF Sports and other Fund:                                                800/= per year per student or as prescribed

Any University Fee/Fund/Charges applied to student:          per year per student or as prescribed by University  

NOTE:- Migration/NOC fee may apply as pre previous university fee schedule

These fee/dues are not included in college fee package. Every student is shall pay these fees separately for completion of their degree requirement.

Installment plan

GCUF University students have to deposit the fee before completion of their particular/present semester. Student may also have three installments plan for each semester (six months) cycle of payment will be after every two months.

GCUF students must deposit the fee as per mention below:

Three installments plan:

1st installment                                        2nd installment                                      3RD installment

September 2017                                    December 2017                                      March 2018

Four installments plan:

1st installment                                        2nd installment                                      3rd installment                     4th installment

September 2017                                    December 2017                                     February 2018                      April 2018

Defaulter students may not get the roll number slip and are not allowed to sit in examination.

Late Payment Fee

The student of any year of a program should deposit all college fee/dues as well as Registration Fee and other dues are notified from the college by the given date. If students fails to deposit fee and dues by give date RS. =1000/- shall be charged for installment after the expiry date. Thereafter, admission shall stand cancelled.



Minimum Academic Requirement:  A candidate seeking admission to the degree of M.Sc. / MA./ M.BA/ M.Com/ MPA/ LLB, must have passed Bachelor’s degree or equivalent examination in second division with at least 45% marks (under annual system) at least 2.0 CGPA out of 4.0 (under semester system) from any HEC recognized institution, in a field of study relating to the respective subject he/she desires to take admission.

Domicile: The candidate should submit the domicile of Punjab. Candidate with domicile other than the Punjab has to produce a nomination letter from his / her respective provincial government against the reserved seats if there are any. Foreign students can also apply through relevant Federal Ministries and department(s). However, no restriction of domicile is imposed in case of evening program

Medical Certificate: At the time of the first enrollment, candidate must produce a  certificate from the University Resident Medical Officer to the effect that he/she is free from any communicable (contagious) disease or mental or physical disability which is likely to stand in the way of his/her pursuing the chosen field of study.

Age/Gender: There shall be no gender discrimination for admission to the master programs the maximum age limit is 28 years, which may be relaxed up to 3 years by the Competent Authority in exceptional cases. No second master degree program can be offered to an applicant, who has already completed a master degree program in any discipline at GCUF.

No Objection Certificate (NOC):  NOC is required from candidates other than GC, Universities to be registered in Government College University Faisalabad.


  • For a candidate seeking admission into B.S on the basis of intermediate the age limit shall be 22 years (05 years relaxation by the VC).

  • For a candidate seeking admission into M.Sc. on the basis of B.A the age limit shall be 28 years (05 years relaxation by the VC)

​Note: For waving off the age limit write an application to the admission officer SMCE.


The medium of instruction and examination shall be English (Except Faculty of Islamic and Oriental Learning, which shall be in Urdu or their relevant subject language).


The duration for the Master Degree shall not be less than four and more than six semester in full residence and not less than six and more than eight semesters for the university employees  admitted as part time students.  However, in case of M.B.A (3 1/2) the minimum residential period shall not be less than seven and more than nine semesters. In case of LLB (3years), it shall not be less than six semesters and more than eight semesters.

The employees of the government/other agencies nominated for admission at this University shall have to take study leave to pursue studies as a regular student, failing to fulfill this conditions, his/her admission shall be cancelled. However, after getting admission by a nominee in the university, it would be obligatory for the parent department to sanction the study leave or grant extension in the leave in favour of the nominee within one semester of his/her admission, otherwise the admission shall stand cancelled.


 There shall be 2 semesters (fall and spring) of 18 weeks  in each academic year. The commencement of semesters shall be regulated by the Academic Council

(Explanation: Out of 18 weeks, 16 weeks shall be actual teaching time; the rest can be utilized for enrollment, conduct of examinations and declaration of results, etc.)


The minimum credit hours requirement for instituting the various degree programs shall be as following;

Note: Students are required to complete the prescribed number of credit hours by opting one of the following options.

1. Course work only

2. Course work and a thesis of 06 credit hours

3. Research report of 5 credit hours or internship for those subjects where it is required.


All the academic matters shall be routed through proper channel i.e. through the Chairman/Incharge of the Department/Director and Principal/Dean of the college/faculty concerned.


 If the course(s) studied by a candidate in his /her previous degree (on the basis of which admission is requested) does not provide adequate background for the degree program of study, he/she may be required to rectify the deficiency by taking additional course(s) as determined by the respective Departmental Board of Studies.


Admission may be conducted in the fall semester only once in a calendar year. If a candidate fails to complete enrollment, his / her admission shall stand cancelled. However, nominees of HEC, GCUF, foreign countries and other government organizations, may be admitted up to the end of each semester with the condition that they will have to cover up the courses by taking seminars, special problem and research project.


The Academic Staff: A teacher / researcher of the GC University, Faisalabad (regular) may be allowed to enroll himself / herself for post graduate courses after getting permission from the Competent Authority under prescribed rules of the university. He / she under this arrangement will be a part time student and a full time employee. He / She will be allowed to enroll a maximum of two courses and one seminar or special problem and pay half dues of the semester along with the examination fee. In case, he / she intends to take maximum credit hours allowed to a full time student then he / she will have to take leave from the University and pay full University dues.

Administrative Staff: The administrative staff of the GC University, Faisalabad (regular) will be treated at par for admission to various post graduate courses under evening program after getting permission from the competent authority under prescribed rules of the university. He / She will be allowed to enroll a maximum of two courses and one seminar or special problem and pay half dues of the semester along with the examination fee. He / she under this arrangement will be a part time student and a full time employee. In case, he / she intend to take maximum credit hours or take morning course, he / she will have to take leave from the university and pay full dues. However, the number of seats for admission to various degree programs for administrative staff might be fixed by the Vice Chancellor.


A student may discontinue enrolled semester before appearing in the final examination with the permission of the Vice Chancellor obtained through the Director Advanced Studies on the recommendations of the Chairman/Incharge/Director/Principal and Dean/Coordinator, on account of sickness duly certified by the University Medical Officer or due to circumstances beyond his/her control subject to fulfillment of condition that the student has passed the final examination of previous semester with minimum prescribed GPA/CGPA required for the said degree program

The facility of discontinuation can be availed only once during the whole degree program and that too for one semester only.

A candidate shall not ordinarily be allowed to discontinue studies during the 1st semester.

A student so permitted to discontinue is required to resume his/her studies from next semester on the recommendation of Chairman/Incharge/ Director/ Principal/Dean concerned and notified by the Director Advanced Studies.

During the semester freeze, bonafide status of the student shall remain suspended. He/She will not be entitled to avail any privilege of a regular student.

An HEC fellowship awardee will be allowed to join a training program with the condition that his / her training would not disturb his/her enrollment in the University will remain in contact with the concerned department. On his returning and rejoining the University, he / she would have to meet the enrollment formalities (Ex-post-facto) of this period (the whole period of HEC scholarship) and it would also be included in the period of residential requirements of the scholar.


An application for enrollment on the prescribed form; Course Registration Form accompanied by proof of paid fee (bank receipt) shall be presented to the office of the Director of the College on the day(s) notified for the enrollment.

The Vice Chancellor may allow a student to be enrolled till the last day of the 4th week after the commencement of classes, with double late fee i.e., Rs.1000.

Enrollment in absentia is not allowed. Student is required to be present in person with a proof of identification (University Identity Card or Computerized National Identity Card etc.) for enrollment.

The student who enrolls extra semester beyond his/her minimum residential requirement will have to pay full semester fee for each and every extra semester.


If a student fails to enroll in any semester(s) without permission of the competent authority, he/she shall cease to be on the rolls of the University and in case he/she desires re-admission, he/she shall have to apply for the same.

The ASRB may refuse the re-admission if the reasons presented before the Board are not convincing.

Note: The period of gap semester will be counted towards residential requirements.


  • The supervisory committee of a student shall be proposed by the respective Board of Studies of the Department/Institute during 1st semester.

  • Supervisory Committee shall consist of two teachers from the major field of study and one from the minor/elective field of study. However, if an outstanding specialist in a major or minor/elective field of study is available outside the University, he/ she may be taken as a member of the Supervisory Committee in place of a teacher or as an additional member.

  • Supervisor of the student will act as chairman of the supervisory committee.

  • Supervisory committee proposed by the respective Board of Studies and recommended by the Chairman/ Director of the Institute/ Principal and Dean of the faculty concerned, shall be approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board and notified by the Director Advanced Studies.

 In case, a student duly recommended by the Chairman and Dean/Director/ Principal concerned to conduct his/her complete/part of research thesis in other institution/laboratory, is allowed by the Director Advanced Studies, then the  helping scientist / specialist may be taken as co-supervisor/special member on the supervisory committee of the student. However, the university will not bear any financial liability in this context.

Retired teachers of the Government College University, Faisalabad may continue as    supervisor/member of the supervisory committee to their previous postgraduate students if they had supervised the student up to the approval of the synopsis. However, on re-employment for three years they may be given supervision of a new student.

Adhoc/contract teachers may act as supervisor / member of the supervisory committee only where there is shortage of regular faculty members. Faculty on Tenure Track System (TTS) / Interim Placement of Fresh PhD Program (IPFP) will be considered as regular faculty for the subject purpose.


A student may be permitted to revise his/her Course Registration Form within 20 days from the commencement of classes. After this period he/she may be allowed to revise Course Registration Form up to 28th day from the commencement of classes on payment of Rs.1,000/- as Course Registration Form revision fee.

The students of first semester may be allowed to revise his/her Course Registration Form within 30 days of the last date of enrollment.


All post-graduate courses will be designated appropriate course code numbers and will be preceded by suitable alphabets indicating the name of the respective department.

A full time student can enroll up to 18 credit hours in a semester. However, the Vice Chancellor may relax enrollment rules up to 2 credit hours for a semester in special cases.

Out of the total number of credits referred to the Regulation 6.1, only one credit hour each shall be earned through Seminar and Special Problem.

A course can be repeated three times (enrolled four times) at the most. The Controller of Examinations office will mention corresponding repetitions in the result notification and the student shall mention repetition status in the Course Registration Form.

Transfer of Credits: The Advanced Studies and Research Board, may consider credits earned by a student at another HEC recognized institution, subject to a maximum of 50 per cent of the minimum credits requirements for the degree, on the recommendations of Equivalence Committee provided that:

  1. The contents of the course(s) for which credit is claimed, are identical or similar to the course included in his/her planned course work and the courses for which credit is claimed has not been used for another degree.

  2. Courses with less than B grade shall not be considered for transfer of credit. 

Students would submit their Course Work Program during first semester and Synopsis during the 3rd semester of their program of study.

A course studied to qualify a degree will not be taken / considered for any other higher degree program.

Credit earned for a course shall laps on the expiry of five years for regular student and seven years for part time student from the end of the semester in which the course was qualified. The Advanced Studies and Research Board may revalidate the lapsed courses for special reasons to be recorded.

Explanation: Deficiency course once qualified will not lapse and shall not to be called in question again and need not to be revalidated.

No course shall carry more than 4 credit hours.