BFA 04 Years (Special in Graphic Design)

B.Ed 1.5 Years

1150 (6)



ST. MARY’S is working to set new educational standards by utilizing the invaluable experience of ST. MARY’S in the fields of curriculum and training. It provides consultancy in the light of latest educational and management research and helps schools/colleges to develop modern management systems. Incorporating character building and community service programmes, Also laying the path of Islamic Renaissance.


Prepares boys and girls for college and life in a community founded on knowledge, honor and friendship. Finding ways of providing educational opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged children, and includes helping students to get the best education possible. Mission includes implant in each student a strong sense of personal self-worth and feelings of accomplishment.


  • To build each student’s awareness of him/herself in the world 

  • To develop each student’s capacity to accept responsibility

  • To foster moral and ethical growth and lasting friendships

  • We serve the people to devote our-selves for the people’s bright future

  • Our aim is to set high level techniques in education for vivid Pakistan

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