Uniform for school sector


Uniforms and equipment are property of St. Mary's High School. A student is responsible for the care of his uniforms/equipment while in use and must return them promptly at the conclusion of the season. A student is financially responsible for the replacement cost of all equipment and uniforms that he is issued and which does not return to the athletic department.


A. Summer                                                                        

  1. Short Sleeved Shirt- white                   

  2. Grey shirts trouser -Grey

  3. Striped Neck Tie -Navy Blue

  4. Black socks

  5. Black Shoes

  6. Approved Badge​

B. Winter

  1. Same as A- 1-6 above

  2. Sleeve less pullover, Navy Blue

  3. Coat-Navy Blue

  4. Trouser-Grey

  5. Long Sleeved shirt-White

  6. Approved   Badge


A. Summer

  1. Sort Sleeved Frock White

  2. Shalwar White

  3. Black Shoes

  4. White Socks

5.    Navy Blue Stripped Ribbon

B. Winter

  1. Same as A-(1-6)

  2. Sleeve less Pullover, Navy Blue

  3. Coat Navy Blue

  4. Long sleeved Frock or Qameez



Outline of Specific Academic Goals:-

We want to prepare all students for starting new life in college. To build each student’s awareness of him/her self in the world. To develop each student’s capacity to accept responsibility. To faster moral and ethical growth and lasting friendships. To serve the people and devote ourselves for the people’s bright future. Our aim is to set high level techniques in education.


What should you expect from student during class period, like neatness and cleanliness, perfect uniform, short haircutting, attentive, regular, confident, daily diary signing from parents , home work expectation etc. No beverage and dinks are allowed during classroom. No cell phone to students , teacher are allowed but only in silent mood. I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require them.


Make Time table at home in which a student must enjoy the games or TV along with study. Tell parents that they may arrange such timing for their child. Reading timing minimum 45 minutes daily for primary to middle section(for junior section 30 minutes reading), and minimum one and half hour for writing the home work for Primary to middle section(for junior section 45 to one hour writing). Try to revise his/her tests before going to bed and also early in the morning before school. Suggest ways that parents can help their child learn, such as reading together for 20 minutes a day. And most of all check his/her diary , if not completed inform in the office or advice the child to write in a complete manner.

Test policy

Two kinds of test oral and written. In school every teacher is bound to take five test for each subject. Teacher should gave test mostly on Saturdays and Mondays.


  • Importance of assembly

  • Daily time table

  • Punctuality

  • Daily speech in Assembly

  • Please have your child bring the following supplies to school:-

Student should bring all these items daily. School bag, notebooks, Books, Pencils, Eraser, Ruler, Remover, Pocket Dictionary, sharpener, Diary, Blue ink Pen, Blue Marker etc. Student’s uniform should be clean and complete. Children should bring and pay their dues on time.