College Hierarchy

Its structure and activities on fundamental beliefs which are underscored by a deep commitment to Religious values including spiritual growth, human development, and academic excellence. In implementing a philosophy based on such standards we recognize the sustaining love of God who calls us to use our talents in loving service to him and to one another.

These beliefs pervade the curriculum and activities of the college community. Thereby aiding in the development of an individual philosophy which will shape the life of each student under Islam.


Impact Analysis

Department of Impact Analysis is basically the evaluation department of ST. MARY’S. It monitors and evaluates all the activities of ST. MARY’S and analyzes their impact on College, Teachers or Students.


ST. MARY’S Publishing finds its own way in the organization, overcoming various barriers and gradually establishing its reputation and the quality of its products and services. Certain resource tools are developed such as the Costing Calculator and Quality Audits. ST. MARY’S Publishing basically assists ST. MARY’S in quality control of the material/notes produced. It also ensures that digital designs and assets are of high-quality and on brand

Performing/Professional Development

Phase Five is known as the performing stage wherein the individual performs using their characteristics required by the profession or their educational institute.  This phase also provides an opportunity for lifelong learning and further development in the chosen career. Specialization

Training Session

In this stage, short skill development and personality development training sessions are conducted to assist students in their educational fields.


We are already in touch with educational field by running a SSC Institute affiliated with BISE and AKU since 1979.  Serving in Gujranwala and best students of the city are prepared who are now performing their obligations in different fields in Pakistan. Keeping in view the experience, St. Mary’s College of Education Gujranwala is being established where students get their Professional Graduate and Master Degrees in Education. St. Mary’s Educational Society is being serving the nation by establishing educational institutes.

ST. MARY’S will mediate between the future and the present and will act as a forerunner in shaping the destiny of the nation. In the name of Allah and to serve the cause of Islam and Pakistan, ST. MARY’S will contribute to holistic development of Colleges, Faculty, and pupils. Keeping in view the contextual framework and global standards, ST. MARY’S will generate educational resources, support services, and learning programs employing all mediums in non-governmental settings. Also giving opportunities to students from whole Gujranwala division (six districts) to come and get the education from trained and devoted faculty. Nevertheless we have a long experience in educational filed due to which we can show our best in this new era of education.


Quality assurance refers to systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met. Quality assurance in ST. MARY’S is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of curriculum development through continuous monitoring and evaluation. QA develops tools for evaluation of curriculum development. This is also to ensure the curriculum is in conformity with National Curriculum Policy and as per directed by University. Quality Assurance monitors the physical features and content of the related books.

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