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BS Biotechnology | BS Zoology | BS Biochemistry | BS (HND) | BS Microbiology | BS (CS) Computer Sciences | ADP Web design & Development (WdD) | B.Ed (1.5 y) | PGD in Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) | B-Pharmacy Technician


St. Mary’s believes that quality education is an undeniable right of every student and strives to promote academic standards of the highest quality at an affordable price. Parents who cannot afford high tuition fee of reputable schools will have the opportunity of meeting one of the most important needs, namely, the acquisition of quality education for their children by paying 40-50% less tuition fee for a comparable standard of education.


Panel Hospital 

- Gujranwala Institut of Nuclear Medicine & Radiotherapy (GINUM)

- District Diagnostic Laboratory, Gujranwala (Office of the Assistance Disease Investigation Officer)

- Jinnah Hospital (Model Town) Gujranwala

- Sadique Sadiq Memorial Trust Hospital, Gujranwala

- Friends Surgical Hospital, Gujranwala

- Chattha Hospital, Gujranwala

- Salamat Hospital, Satellite Town, Gujranwala

- Ashraf Hospital, Satellite Town, Gujranwala

- Fraz Clinical Laboratory, Gujranwala

- Hussain Laboratory, Gujranwala 


ST. MARY’S Forum is the platform for Intellectuals, writers, researchers, media personals and educationists from different fields of their expertise to have thought provoking discussion on educational and social issues. It is regularly held at Regional Offices of ST. MARY’S. It plays the role of think tank for ST. MARY’S. The Forum stresses the need to reduce the difference and to focus on points of unity in different section of Pakistani society in order to shape the future of new generation. The forum invites educationists, social scientists, doctors, engineers and teachers to impart their share to build a consensus on character education of Pakistani youth. The forum employs various modes of decision making such as discussion, seminar, lectures, dialogues and conferences

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