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St. Mary’s believes that quality education is an undeniable right of every student and strives to promote academic standards of the highest quality at an affordable price. Parents who cannot afford high tuition fee of reputable schools will have the opportunity of meeting one of the most important needs, namely, the acquisition of quality education for their children by paying 40-50% less tuition fee for a comparable standard of education.


The one word that describes St. Mary’s in the best way is standardization. It means standardization across the board: in curriculum, lesson plans, school timings, admission procedure, examination process, uniforms and in all other aspects that may have any influence over the education of a child. It believes in providing equal opportunities to every student. 

St. Mary’s is

  • Mr. Yousaf Nazir was a Founder of this school.

  • Nearly Half a Century service in quality education.             

  • A tradition of excellence since 1979.

  • Located in the heart of city.

  • St. Mary’s is set on with great aptitude of new technology

  • St. Mary’s exists primarily to evangelize and to educate in the Faith

  • St. Mary’s School is community and family

  • St. Mary’s selects and retains teachers with great care

Our Mission

Saint Mary’s school prepares boys and girls for college and life in a community founded on knowledge, honor and friendship. Finding ways of providing educational opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged children, and includes helping students to get the best education possible. Mission includes instilling in each student a strong sense of personal self-worth and feelings of accomplishment.

 Our Goals

  • To prepare all student for starting new life in college

  • To build each student’s awareness of him/herself in the world 

  • To develop each student’s capacity to accept responsibility

  • To foster moral and ethical growth and lasting friendships

  • We serve the people to devote our-selves for the people’s bright future

  • Our aim is to set high level techniques in education


Quality teaching solid grounding in the academic fundamentals of a improved curriculum a commitment to expose students to new technology, personal attention of faculty and staff in and out of the classroom individual advising concerning continued study courses that help each student understand him/herself heritage, and the world around him or her opportunities for leadership and involvement in campus and sports student acceptance of academic and personal responsibility a community bound by a strong honor code an appreciation of ethical and civil behavior a chapel program that fosters spiritual growth.

Official Colour 

Official colour of St. Mary’s is Blue and White. This shows modest ness and cleanliness in all the activities it has in it.