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Allied Health Professional

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BS (Hons.) Radiology & Medical Imaging-RIT

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BS (Hons.) Biochemistry 

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B-Pharmacy (Tech)

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BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics

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BS (Hons.) MLT

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BS (Hons.) Biotechnology


Doctor of Physical Therapy-DPT


All Degree programs , Post Graduate Diplomas, Diploma and Certifications are granted by the Government autonomous authorities/Institutions/Universities.  

Public | Health Care Professional Diplomas & Post-Graduate Diploma Courses

BS  (Hons.)  Degree  Programs

BS program in Gujranwala | BS Radiology & Medical Imaging Technology - BS RIT | BS MLT | BS Nutrition - HND | BS Biotechnology | BS Biochemistry | BS Microbiology | Pharmacy Technician | BS RIT | BS HND-Human Nutrition & Dietetics | DND*
A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree represents a old undergraduate program, whereas a Bachelor of Science/Studies (Hons) degree denotes an honors program. The B.S. Hons. degree signifies a higher level of specialization and academic rigor compared to the general B.Sc degree. The Honours degree is widely acknowledged as a more distinguished qualification in comparison to the traditional B.Sc/BA degree.

Para-Medic | Allied Health Sc, & Pharmacy  Courses 

Paramedical/Allied Health Sciences diploma courses focus on students in the provision of pre-hospital services that do not require a doctor's degree. Play a vital role in assisting physicians by delivering medical assistance to patients and performing various medical procedures. Diploma combines extensive medical knowledge with exceptional interpersonal skills, enabling graduates for effectively navigate the complex intersection of healthcare and social dynamics. 

Public | Health Care Professional Diplomas & Post-Graduate Diploma

These courses are heavily subsidized to help students and professionals who would not have ordinarily been able to afford such training opportunities. 

This is part of (SM College) pledge to support underprivileged communities in trainings and to educate public health professionals from these areas in order to improve health outcomes of these communities.


Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology Gujranwala | Diploma OTA Gujranwala | Diploma OTT Gujranwala
anesthesia - technician | Allied Health in Anesthesia | Paramedical in Anaesthesia
Diploma in Radiographer Technology Gujranwala | Diploma RIT Gujranwala | Diploma in Radiology Techno
Diploma in Ophthalmology Technology Gujranwala | Diploma in Ophthalmology Technician in Gujranwala
Diploma in Medical Lab Technician in Gujranwala | Diploma in Medical Lab Technology in Gujranwala |
Diploma in Dental Technology in Gujranwala | Diploma in Dental Technician in Gujranwala
Physiotherapy Technician Gujranwala | Diploma in Physiotherapy Technology Gujranwala
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About Saint Mary's Techpreneur 
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"Unlock Your Potential with Saint Mary's Enablers Institute's Computer Skills Training Services & Aesthetic Skin Care Self Grooming Trainings"

At our Computer Skills Training Institute & Skin Care Asthetic | Self Grooming institute, we offer a comprehensive professional training and asthetic self-grooming service. Our courses are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently use the latest technology era, while our skin care service provides a professional and personalized approach to achieving your desired handson traning. With us, you can be sure to be on the cutting edge of technology, as well as look your best.

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