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Financial Aids & Scholarships

Financial Aid

In order to facilitate the talented and needy student, the university offers substantial number of scholarships and financial assistants so that the future leaders do not discontinue their studies because of financial constraints. To ensure transparency and meritocracy, Scholarships and Financial Assistance Department along with a Committee, consisting of member from each faculty, administers all matters related to scholarships and financial assistance.

Where to find and apply for scholarships?

  • Frequently visit College for new scholarships

  • Frequently look at departmental notice board for new scholarships

  • Visit HEC or University/College scholarship cell

  • Read newspapers for new scholarships

Where to find and apply for scholarships?

  • Apply for scholarships early and often. Some scholarship deadlines are as early as a year before you start classes. You don’t need to wait until you’ve made your final decision about your school to apply. But don’t worry if you missed out on some of the earliest scholarship applications. There are lots of scholarship opportunities out there, all with different deadlines. As you get ready to apply for college scholarships, keep in mind that different scholarships have their own qualifying criteria and require certain documents. These tips can help as you choose which scholarships to apply for:

    • Be careful.

    • You shouldn’t have to pay for scholarships or for scholarship searches. School counselors and school financial aid offices can recommend reputable options, like our free Scholarship Search tool.

    • Be thorough.

    • Don’t overlook smaller scholarships. Even a few hundred dollars can help offset the cost of textbooks and supplies.

    • Be honest.

    • Don’t exaggerate your grades, memberships, skills, or qualifications. You’re more likely to receive scholarships if you apply for the ones that match your interests and skills.

    • Be proactive.

    • Apply for scholarships every year you’re in college. Approximately 50 percent of available scholarships are for students already enrolled in college.

    • Be diligent.

    • Pay attention to details. Some scholarships require you to write an essay while others may want letters of recommendation. Send in what’s requested and proofread everything. Typos and missing materials can be the difference between winning or losing a scholarship.

    • Be on time.

    • Some scholarships are very quick and easy to apply for. Others take a little more time. Meet all deadlines. If the scholarship application can’t be submitted electronically, use certified mail. Missing a deadline could disqualify you.

Internal Scholarships

Merit Scholarship:

“The Merit Scholarship is awarded to two top performing students in each batch/session of Bachelor’s and Master’s program (16-years) based on SGPA obtained in the result of previous semester and subject to the following conditions:” 

For Candidates Seeking Admissions:

For the students enrolled in first semester Merit Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of aggregate marks obtained by the student in admission merit list normalized with respect to the highest aggregate marks in the merit list. 

For Continued Students:

  • To avail Merit Scholarship, the candidate must
    be a full-time student of Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan
    have carried full load offered by the University for the particular class
    have good character and having no complaint at any forum.

  • Merit for award of scholarship will be determined as following:
    · SGPA (if SGPA equals)
    · CGPA ((if CGPA equals)
    · Higher number of A+, A, A- grades (if grades equal)
    · All qualifying students will get merit scholarship 

  • The Scholarship will be terminated if the student freezes/ withdraws/discontinues studies

  • The decision (s) of University will be final; that cannot be challenged at any forum.

Need Based Scholarship:

The Need Based Scholarship shall be awarded to the needy, deserving and orphan students of Bachelors and Master’s program (16-years) by the University on per semester basis. Primary criteria for the award of need-based scholarship shall be neediness of the student relative to other applicants. However, applicants need to maintain a CGPA of 2.0 to qualify for consideration for the award of need-based scholarship. 



For Students Seeking Admissions:

How to apply?

  • Top 10 students of Merit List of every degree program are eligible to apply.

  • The student has to completely fill all the details related to Need Based Scholarship given on the admission website.

  • The Candidate will have to present in front of the Scholarship committee/Scholarship Award Committee, with dully filled application form available at click here with all required documents mentioned in the form.

  • The scholarship will be awarded for one semester on the basis of financial condition.

  • The scholarship will be terminated if the student freezes/withdraws/discontinues studies.

  • The maximum scholarship amount will be equal to full tuition fee of the student.

Important Note

  • Any wrong or misguiding information will lead the applicant to disqualification.

  • The Decision (s) of University will be final that cannot be challenged at any forum.

  • University has the right to change term(s) and condition(s) of the scholarship at any time, with or without prior notice to the student.

Scholarships Application Form-2016-17


Download Here

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