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Doctor of Physical Therapy - DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

DPT-05 Years degree

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)
This program is offered by S.M. College of Medical & Advance Studies in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Eligibility criteria include having completed F.Sc (Pre-Medical) with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent, with a focus on Biology.

Major Fields of Study

Pathology & Microbiology: The Doctor of Physical Therapy program in Gujranwala emphasizes pathology, where students investigate diseases, their origins, and effects on tissues and organs. Pathologists play a pivotal role in diagnosis and treatment planning. Microbiology is also integral, examining microorganisms and their impact on health for effective infection control and antibiotic management.

Pharmacology & Radiology-Neurological: At the premier DPT college in Gujranwala, pharmacology is a crucial component, focusing on medications, their mechanisms, side effects, and interactions. This knowledge is essential for pain management and rehabilitation. Radiology-Neurological, another cornerstone, hones in on imaging techniques like MRI and CT scans to assess neurological conditions, enabling tailored treatment plans.

major fields of study

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Regenerative Medicine Therapist

Physiotherapists trained in administering regenerative therapies such as stem cell treatments, platelet-rich plasma injections, and tissue engineering techniques to promote tissue repair and regeneration.

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Neuroplasticity Rehabilitation Specialist

Physiotherapists specializing in harnessing the brain's ability to rewire and adapt through targeted interventions, sensory stimulation techniques, and neurofeedback training to optimize neurological recovery and functional outcomes.


Precision Rehabilitation Practitioner

Experts in personalized rehabilitation programs tailored to an individual's genetic makeup, biomechanics, and specific health needs, using data-driven approaches and predictive analytics.


Tele-rehabilitation Specialist

Physiotherapists who specialize in providing remote rehabilitation services using advanced telecommunication technologies, virtual reality, and wearable devices to monitor and guide patients in their home environments.


Robotics Rehabilitation Enginee

 Professionals skilled in designing, programming, and implementing robotic devices and exoskeletons for assisting with mobility, gait training, and functional rehabilitation in patients with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Rehab Specialist

Physiotherapists proficient in utilizing AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze patient data, optimize treatment plans, and provide real-time feedback and guidance during rehabilitation sessions.

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