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BS Biotechnology | BS Zoology | BS Biochemistry | BS (HND) | BS Microbiology | BS (CS) Computer Sciences | ADP Web design & Development (WdD) | B.Ed (1.5 y) | PGD in Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) | B-Pharmacy Technician

BS Programs Offered in Gujranwala | BS (Hons.) Programs

St. Mary’s believes that quality education is an undeniable right of every student and strives to promote academic standards of the highest quality at an affordable price. Parents who cannot afford high tuition fee of reputable schools will have the opportunity of meeting one of the most important needs, namely, the acquisition of quality education for their children by paying 40-50% less tuition fee for a comparable standard of education.

Admission Open BS Programs & ADS | ADP in Gujranwala:BS Radiology & Imaging Technology | DPT-Doctor of Physiotherapy | BS RIT | BS Medical Lab. Technology | BS MLT | BS Biotechnology | BS Zoology | BS Biochemistry | BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics-HND | DND | BS Microbiology | ADP CS | B - Pharmacy Technician | Diploma Sonography | BS Radiology - BS RIT | BS MLT | BS Nutrition - HND | BS Biotechnology | BS Biochemistry | BS Microbiology | Pharmacy Technician | BS RIT | BS HND | Pharmacy Course 


Panel Hospital 

- Gujranwala Institut of Nuclear Medicine & Radiotherapy (GINUM)

- District Diagnostic Laboratory, Gujranwala (Office of the Assistance Disease Investigation Officer)

- Jinnah Hospital (Model Town) Gujranwala

- Sadique Sadiq Memorial Trust Hospital, Gujranwala

- Friends Surgical Hospital, Gujranwala

- Chattha Hospital, Gujranwala

- Salamat Hospital, Satellite Town, Gujranwala

- Ashraf Hospital, Satellite Town, Gujranwala

- Fraz Clinical Laboratory, Gujranwala

- Hussain Laboratory, Gujranwala 

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ST. MARY’S Forum is the platform for Intellectuals, writers, researchers, media personals and educationists from different fields of their expertise to have thought provoking discussion on educational and social issues. It is regularly held at Regional Offices of ST. MARY’S. It plays the role of think tank for ST. MARY’S. The Forum stresses the need to reduce the difference and to focus on points of unity in different section of Pakistani society in order to shape the future of new generation. The forum invites educationists, social scientists, doctors, engineers and teachers to impart their share to build a consensus on character education of Pakistani youth. The forum employs various modes of decision making such as discussion, seminar, lectures, dialogues and conferences

BS In Gujranwala, there are several renowned universities offering diverse programs for undergraduate studies. Virtual University and Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) are prominent institutions providing various bachelor's degree programs. A bachelor's degree is an undergraduate degree awarded upon completion of a specific course of study. In Pakistan, students can pursue a bachelor's degree in various fields, including arts, sciences, engineering, and business. AIOU offers a wide range of programs, catering to the diverse interests and career aspirations of students. Virtual University offers courses in different subjects, allowing students to choose programs aligned with their interests and goals. Graduation degrees in Gujranwala hold significant value, as they signify the completion of higher education. The BS (Bachelor of Science) degree is a popular choice among students, with numerous subjects available to specialize in. Admission to BS programs is a crucial step in pursuing higher education, and universities often have specific requirements and procedures for admission. Virtual University's Gujranwala campus is a recognized center for learning, offering a conducive environment for students to pursue their academic goals. Medical courses are also available for students interested in the field of healthcare. Allama Iqbal Open University provides flexible courses for distance learning, enabling individuals to acquire a degree while balancing other commitments. The term "BS Hons" stands for Bachelor of Science Honors, which is an enhanced degree program offering specialized knowledge in a particular subject. A bachelor's degree is highly regarded in Gujranwala, equipping individuals with valuable skills and knowledge for their future careers. Undergraduate admissions are highly competitive, with universities looking for students who demonstrate academic excellence and potential. Punjab University offers a wide range of BS programs, providing students with opportunities to pursue their desired fields of study. Open University courses are designed to be accessible to a diverse range of learners, offering flexibility and convenience in pursuing higher education. A BS degree represents a significant milestone in one's academic journey and opens doors to various career opportunities. Punjab University Gujranwala offers a range of BS programs, providing students with diverse academic opportunities. UCP Gujranwala also offers BS programs, allowing students to pursue their desired fields of study. Aspire College Gujranwala provides BS programs, equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills for their chosen disciplines. GMC Gujranwala offers various BS programs, allowing students to specialize in different areas of study. The merit list of 2019 for Government College Gujranwala displays the candidates selected for admission to BS programs based on their academic achievements. Punjab College Gujranwala is known for its BS programs, providing quality education and fostering intellectual growth. Punjab University Gujranwala Campus offers BS programs, giving students the opportunity to study under the prestigious Punjab University system. The University of Punjab Gujranwala Campus admission in 2019 included BS programs, attracting students seeking higher education opportunities. Virtual University also offers BS programs in Gujranwala, providing flexible learning options for students. These institutions aim to provide a comprehensive and holistic educational experience, preparing students for their future careers and personal growth.

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