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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad


Pharmacy Technician (Category-B) | Assistant Pharmacist 
The general objectives regarding the course of studies for Registration “B” should be to prepare a health caring and community oriented personnel competent to deal with the common health problems of the people in a scientifically sound and cost effective manner using appropriate technology.
“A student after the examination for Registration in Register “B” should be able to assume his independent role, effectively / smoothly perform his functions and communicate effectively.”

1. Matriculation with science from a recognized institute of Pakistan.
2. Foreign education which is equivalent to the matriculation degree in science.
No Age Limit | Male & Female. both can apply
Morning class Time: 09:00 am to 02:00 pm
Evening class Time:  02:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Medium of Instruction
English & Urdu Medium

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Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad

SCOPES: Diploma in Pharmacy/B Category/Pharmacy Technician
There is no alternative of Diploma in Pharmacy/B Category/Pharmacy Technician. Its a just 2 years diploma course which enables you to run an Allopathic medical store. You may easily get license of medical store or pharmacy. 

Many Pharmaceutical companies also hire B-Category diploma holders as medical representative. They are not only given handsome salary, commission but also lot of fringe benefits. Our article “How to get the job of medical representative” will also be very helpful for you for entering in the Pharmaceutical marketing field. You may also get government job in public hospitals. Private hospitals also hire B-Category diploma holders in their medical stores. Pharmaceutical companies may also give you job of Pharmacy technician. You may also get job in foreign specially Middle East countries. Now a days Skill Development Council is also offering diplomas in this field.
There is no any separate degree or diploma for pharmacy in homeopathy. After successful completion of 4 years DHMS diploma you may start your own Homeopathic pharmacy or medical store. Margin of profit is in Homeopathic Pharmacy is much better than Allopathic or herbal pharmacy. We have written a detailed article on the scope of DHMS. You must read it too.

Just like Homeopathic after year FTJ diploma you may not only start your own herbal pharmaceutical company but also herbal medical store. We have written a detailed article on the scope of FTJ/DUMS. Kindly read it for further guidance. We also recommend you to get at least 2 of the above mentioned Pharmacy technician courses for better career growth.

Homeopathic Medicine Production
Pharmacy Technician (B Category) Diploma Subjects
B Category First Year (Theory)
There will be one paper of Anatomy and Physiology.
Total marks 100 (20+80)
3-Biochemistry.Total marks 100
4-Microbiology.Total marks 100
There will be one paper of Biochemistry and Microbiology too.
Total marks 100(50+50)
5-Pharmacognosy. Total marks 100
6-Pharmaceutics-I. Total marks 100
B Category First Year (Practicals)
1-Anatomy and Physiology. Total marks 100 (20+80)
2-Biochemistry and Microbiology. Total marks 100(50+50)
3-Pharmacognosy.Total marks 100
4-Pharmaceutics-I.Total marks 100
Following subjects are taught in second year
B Category Second Year (Theory)
1-Pharmaceutics-(Hospital and community pharmacy)
Total marks 100
2-Pharmaceutics I (Industrial and Quality Control)
Total marks 100
3-Social behavior, Law and Ethics. Total marks 100
4-Computer.Total marks 50
B Category Second Year Practicals
1-Pharmaceutics Il (Industrial).Total marks 100
2-Pharmacology.Total marks 100
3-Computer.Total marks 50
Alternative Medicine

Course Content:

TABLE (Part – I):

Theory Paper.                                        Description Marks

1.  Anatomy and Physiology                              100 (20 + 80)

2. Biochemistry & Microbiology                        100 (50 +50)

3. Pharmacognosy                                              100

4. Pharmaceutics-I                                              100

Practical Paper                                      Description Marks

5.Anatomy and Physiology                               100 (20 + 80)

6.Biochemistry & Microbiology                        100 (50 +50)

7.Pharmacognosy                                              100

8.Pharmaceutics-I                                              100

TABLE (Part – II)

Theory Paper                                        Description Marks

1.Pharmaceutics-II                                             100

(Industrial and Quality Control)                       ===

2.Pharmacology                                                100

3.Pharmaceutics-III                                            100

4.Social Behavior, Law and Ethics                    100

5.Computer                                                        50

Practical Paper                                      Description Marks

1.Pharmaceutics-II                                              100

(Industrial and Quality Control)                         === 

2.Pharmacology                                                  100

3.Computer                                                         50

Alternative Medicine

Part 1 Courses (پارٹ 1 کورسز):​

  1. نمبر: 1، کورس: ایناٹمی و فزیالوجی (Anatomy and Physiology)

  2. نمبر: 2، کورس: بائیوکیمسٹری و مائیکروبیالوجی (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

  3. نمبر: 3، کورس: فارماکوگنوسی (Pharmacognosy)

  4. نمبر: 4، کورس: فارماسیوٹکس I (Pharmacology I)

  5. نمبر: 5، کورس: -------- (Subject not specified)

Part 2 Courses (پارٹ 2 کورسز):

  1. نمبر: 1، کورس: فارماسیوٹکس II (Pharmacology II)

  2. نمبر: 2، کورس: فارماکولوجی (Pharmacology)

  3. نمبر: 3، کورس: فارماسیوٹکس III (Pharmacology III)

  4. نمبر: 4، کورس: سماجی رویہ، قانون اور اخلاقیات (Social Behavior, Law, and Ethics)

  5. نمبر: 5، کورس: کمپیوٹر (Computer)

پرچہ کا نمونہ

نظریہ/تھیوری: کل نمبر (120) ____________________ (60) پاس پیٹرن: معروضی (60) مختصر سوالات (60)

عملی/پریکٹیکل: کل نمبر (100) ________________________ (50) پاس

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