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Lab Worker

BS Medical Lab Technology


a) Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) with  Pre-Medical or equivalent with 60% marks.

b) All DAE are eligible


Career in MLT as Technologist 

Career Opportunities with a BS Honors in
Medical Laboratory Technology:

  1. Medical Laboratory Technologist

  2. Laboratory Manager

  3. Research and Development Scientist

  4. Quality Assurance Specialist

  5. Healthcare Consultant

  6. Education and Training Instructor

  7. Public Health Laboratory Scientist

  8. Pharmaceutical Laboratory Technologist

  9. Biotechnology Research Associate

  10. Molecular Diagnostics Specialist

  11. Clinical Chemistry Technologist

  12. Haematology Technologist

  13. Immunology Technologist

  14. Microbiology Technologist

  15. Histotechnologist

  16. Cytotechnologist

  17. Blood Banking Technologist

  18. Serology Technologist

  19. Toxicology Technologist

  20. Genetics Laboratory Technologist

These career opportunities highlight the diverse range of paths
available to graduates of the BS Honors in Medical Laboratory
Technology program. From working directly in laboratories to
managerial roles, research and development, and specialized
areas of diagnostics, professionals in this field play a crucial
role in healthcare delivery, research, and disease diagnosis.

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Scopes in MLT (Medical Lab Technology)

  1. Medical Laboratory Technologist: Perform diagnostic tests, analyze specimens, and provide accurate results to aid in patient care.

  2. Laboratory Manager: Oversee laboratory operations, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

  3. Research and Development: Contribute to medical research by developing new laboratory techniques and improving diagnostic methodologies.

  4. Quality Assurance Specialist: Implement quality control measures and ensure the accuracy and reliability of laboratory results.

  5. Healthcare Consultant: Provide expert advice and guidance on laboratory operations and quality assurance.

  6. Education and Training: Educate and train aspiring professionals in medical laboratory technology programs.

  7. Public Health Laboratories: Conduct screenings, monitor disease outbreaks, and contribute to infectious disease detection and prevention.

  8. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries: Perform laboratory tests for drug development, clinical trials, and quality control.

  9. Molecular Diagnostics Specialist: Utilize advanced techniques to identify genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and personalized medicine.

  10. Pathology Assistant: Assist pathologists in examining and analyzing tissue samples for disease diagnosis.

These diverse career opportunities showcase the wide range of paths available to graduates of the BS Honors in Medical Laboratory Technology program, enabling them to make significant contributions to healthcare, research, and diagnostics while positively impacting patient outcomes.

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