Internal Result


Evaluation / Grading System 

The faculty members for respective courses evaluate the academic performance of the students. The students are awarded grades based on marks secured by them through mid and final term examinations, class tests, assignments, quizzes, projects, case studies and project work. The grades are generally awarded on a relative basis within the minimum and maximum marks for F and A grades. The numerical equivalence of the letter grades together with corresponding qualitative placement of a student in a course is illustrated through the following table:

Grade                      Percentage 

A                              90-100%

B                              80-89%

C                              70-79%

D                              60-69%

E                               50-59%

F                               below 40%

Academic Probation and Disqualification

The minimum requirement of qualify is to pass with  for various programs to avoid probation or warning and qualify for degree is given as under:

Written Exam Division:

For examination of all levels, each paper shall have the following weight age: 

Minimum class attendance: 70% 

  1. Essay type 40% 

  2. Objective type 60% 

  3. Passing number from 100 marks subject is required 45 marks

Program Level 

Passing Makrs


45% (both in theory and Practical)


45% (both in theory and Practical)

If a student fails in four subjects, he/she will not be considered to full fail, he/she is able to sit in supplementary exam. 


Semester Freeze

It’s a annual system by the GCUF. Being in annual system there is no provision of freeze or un-freeze the annual session by HEC or by University.


Examination Fee: University examination fee shall be charged at the time of enrollment of each semester.

Tests and Examinations:

  • There shall be two examinations mid and final in each semester. In addition to these examinations the teacher shall give home assignments and quizzes etc. to the students. The form of these examinations will be left to the teacher who will be solely responsible for the conduct of examination as well as evaluation in his/her course. The grade given in the course by the teacher shall be final.

  • Only those students, who have at least 75% attendance in theory and practical separately in each course, shall be eligible to appear in the final examination.

  • A teacher shall report to the Dean/Director/Principal concerned through the Chairman of the concerned Department the names of students who are absent from the lectures/ practical continuously for seven days to enable Director Advanced Studies to strike off names of such students. He/she may be readmitted under the university rules or may be refused admission if the reasons advanced for readmission are not convincing.

The final examination for a semester shall be held on a date and time and place to be notified by the teacher in advance.

To pass a deficiency course a student is required to obtain at least “C” grade.

The scripts of each examination shall be discussed with the students.

The mid-semester examination shall be held during 9th week of the semester which shall carry 30 per cent of the total allocated marks for the course. This examination shall be held by the teacher concerned who shall determine the form of the examination.

For the purpose of evaluation, one credit will carry 20 marks e.g. a four credits course will carry 80 marks. These marks will be divided in accordance with the credits assigned to theory and practical for each course.

The following weightage shall be given to the examinations, home assignments;

Mid-semester examination


Home assignments / quizzes, presentations etc


Final Examination




(Fraction in total marks of a course will be rounded to the nearest whole number)

The duration of examination shall be as under;

Mid-Semester Examination                         One hour

Final Examination                                         Two to three hours

Final examination covering the full syllabus with at least 25% of the course of midterm as well, shall be held at the end of each semester.

Question paper for the mid and final term examination shall be set by the respective teacher. However, Chairperson/ Principal/ Director/ Departmental Incharge shall ensure the quality and standard of the question paper set by the teacher.

To qualify a course it is essential to pass separately in the theory and practical examinations.

The teacher shall send the final award list along with answer sheets of mid, final and practical for the course to the office of the Controller of Examinations within 10 days after the end of a semester. Advanced Studies and Research Board may condone the delay in result submission. A soft copy of the award list should also be sent to the office of the Chairman/Director/Principal of the College and Director Advanced Studies.

On receipt of the award lists, the Controller of Examinations shall notify the results and send copies to the Director, Advanced Studies, Dean/ Director/Principal and the Chairmen of the Departments concerned.

Grade Point Average

Grade point and Equivalence between letter grading and numerical grading shall be as follows:

If a student fails to obtain CGPA of 2.00 at the end of each academic year (fall & spring) his / her admission shall stand cancelled. However he / she may seek fresh admission as and when the University offers.

Note: The student who avails only one regular semester (fall or spring) must obtain GPA of 2.00 at the end of the same academic year to remain on roll.

A student, who obtains CGPA of 2.00 or more but less than 2.50 upon the completion of entire approved course work, may be allowed to repeat once the course(s) of the previous semesters in which he / she obtained the lowest grades in order to improve the CGPA so as to obtain the minimum of 2.50 failing which he / she shall cease to be on the rolls. (A student is allowed to improve two D grades over his degree period)

CGPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 is required to qualify for the award of degree.

Grade Point Average

A student shall be entitled to submit thesis for examination after he/she has qualified the approved course work and has also fulfilled the residential requirements. He/she is required to submit thesis submission form and thesis examination fee before the submission of thesis.

18.2 The thesis shall be completed according to the guidelines approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board and shall be submitted to the office of the Director Advanced Studies within 60 days after the last examination paper.

The thesis duly certified by the supervisory committee that the contents and form of the thesis are satisfactory for submission shall be sent to the external examiner by the office of the Controller of Examinations for evaluation. A panel of three examiners per student shall be submitted to the CE office by the Chairman of the respective Board of Studies on or before the submission of thesis.

The thesis shall be evaluated by a Board of Examiners comprising members of the supervisory committee and one external examiner appointed by the Vice Chancellor from the panel of names recommended by the Board of Studies. At least three members of the Boards of Examiners of whom one must be an external examiner shall be appointed to evaluate the thesis, hold a viva voce examination and such other tests as they are considered necessary for the degree. The external examiner shall be given reasonable time to go through the contents of the thesis critically. The viva voce examination would be conducted at least after one week of the receipt of thesis by the external examiner.

a. There shall be 120 marks corresponding to 06 credit hours allocated for thesis.

b. Total marks so awarded will be converted into a letter grade as prescribed in regulation No. 19.1 and average grades on the basis of course work and thesis will then be worked out to calculate the final CGPA.

c. Original plagiarism report along with the certificate from supervisor and declaration by the student must be submitted while submitting the thesis to the Directorate of Advanced Studies. The Directorate of Advanced Studies shall notify the dates for the semi final and final phases of thesis submission.

d. The thesis evaluation should be completed within six months from the date of dispatch of thesis by the Controller of Examinations to the quarter concerned. The Controller of Examination shall get the approval of the external examiner from the Vice Chancellor and thesis shall be dispatched to him/her accordingly. In case of regret from the first External Examiner nominee(s), second approval of External Examiner nominee(s) shall be sought within eight weeks from the Vice Chancellor by the Controller of Examinations. However, the Vice Chancellor may allow extension for thesis evaluation up to one year in hardship cases.

e. Supervisor, after consultation with the external examiner shall write to the Controller of Examinations for notifying the date, time and venue of thesis evaluation.

f. The supervisor shall send the award list of thesis examination after counter signature of the Chairman to the office of the Controller of Examinations after making sure that the student has incorporated the suggested improvements. The Controller of Examinations shall notify the result of the student after receiving three bound copies of thesis.

g. The color of hard bound cover of Master programme shall be maroon.

In case of disagreement between the Supervisory Committee and the External Examiner regarding the acceptance of the thesis it shall be referred to another external examiner whose decision shall be final.

If a candidate fails in the thesis examination, he/she may enroll again and will submit a revised thesis within six months after the date of declaration of the result of the last thesis examination, on payment of the prescribed thesis examination fee. He/she can avail this chance only once.

If the thesis, submitted by a candidate for final evaluation, is proved to be copied/ plagiarized at the time of viva-voce examination, it will be liable to be rejected on the report of Board of Examiners and the Controller of Examinations will declare the candidate fail in thesis examination. The admission of such candidate shall be cancelled and he/she shall not be readmitted under any circumstances.

If the thesis of a candidate is proved to be plagiarized after its evaluation and declaration of result, previous result of the candidate will be cancelled and he/she will be declared to have failed in thesis examination. Such a candidate shall not be readmitted under any circumstances.


The students who enroll extra semesters beyond their minimum residential requirement will not be allowed hostel accommodation.

After submission of the thesis, the students will not be allowed to stay in the University hostels.

Office of the college will maintain student’s record for 3 years after the declaration of final result. After that period, the record may be disposed off with the permission of the Vice Chancellor.

Office of the Controller of Examinations shall keep scripts of student’s examinations for one semester.